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Out of 100%, there are approximately 80+ % people suffering back problems. So we can conclude that back problems are more than common. Before talking about how we can cure these stubborn back issues, we must know about the reasons causing back problems. There are two regions of our back, that usually experienced pain sensation i.e. lower back, upper back.

The reasons associated with both regions of back are slightly different. Back pain can affect people of any age but it is more common in people older than 30-35. Other than these regions, there are other points too on our back that aches due to various associated issues.

So today we are going to share some main and major judgments that are possibly inducing back pain issues to our lives.

Possible causes of Upper Back Problems:

Starting with upper back problems, we are proceeding our topic.

Spine inflammation, chest infections or tumors, any severe trauma, sudden injury, poor posture and heart problems may lead to upper back pain. However the below mentioned details are selectively important for upper back problems.

  • Muscular irritation
  • Dysfunction of joints.

1-Muscular Irritations:

Muscular irritations in back causes upper back pain. It is related with the upper back large muscles that forms a bothersome connection between shoulder girdle and the shoulder blade. This attachment causes irritations in upper left back along with pain and difficulty in working properly.

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Other reasons that are linked with upper back pain are lack of calcium in upper vertebrae, lack of strength and continuous use of muscles that were became injured recently. People connected with sports, marathons and etc. are more prone to these types of injuries. There injured muscles and re-use of these muscles without taking enough rest, causes muscular irritations, ultimately leads to upper back pain.

2-Dysfunction of joints:

The point where two joints forms a connection between ribs and vertebrae, on each side of spine, if becomes disturbed, causes upper left back pain problems. There is no usual cause of irritation in these two joints, it can be due to weak joints or due to heavy load on these two thoracic spine joints. For treating this type of dysfunctioning, stretching exercises for shoulders and spine is required in order to reduce pain sensations.

In severe pain conditions, anti-inflammatory ibuprofen will help to ease this pain.

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Possible causes of Lower Back Problems:

Lower back pain causes are actually termed as nonspecific lower back pain. We called it nonspecific because its onset is due to nonspecific cause. It starts from mild pain and gets severe if left untreated. Sudden diagnose of these type of pain conditions will not be achievable as its cause can be any peculiar reason or disease. However there are two types of specific lower back pain symptoms and causes mentioned below:


Sciatica is also called as nerve root pain in which nerves from spinal cord becomes irritated or pressurized. This pressure of nerve endings causes nerve root pain. The pain from sciatica is although mild and occurs in about less than 1 out of 20 cases. Sciatica may cause pain in legs and hip bone/ muscles as well. The pain may become worsen if not treated on time.

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2-Cuada Equina syndrome:

CES is a severe nerve root compression, although it’s rare, but causes extreme painful condition in back to sufferer. If not treated in early time, it can causes complete and permanent nerve damage at the very bottom of the spinal cord. Furthermore, in this syndrome there is a lower back pain along with disturbed bowel movement as well as disturbed urinary system. If these symptoms are arising, you should meet your doctor at the very first place.

These are the possible four diseases associated with upper back pain and lower back pain respectively. Other non-diseased but very common reasons for lower back pain problems are mentioned below:

 Non-Diseased Back pain causes:

1-Inappropriate sleep positions:

Sleeping positions may also leads to onset of different acute issues. So we need to know about the right position for sleeping to avoid the onset of those acute problems.

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When we sleep on our stomach, it ultimately puts a pressure on our ribcage and other surrounding muscles along with vertebrae, spinal cord nerves and other joints. On the other side when you sleep straight on your back, or when you sleep by your side, the chances of getting back pain will become lesser.

2-Emotional Stresses:

Its, when you start taking emotional stresses like a mess on your mind, back pain issues arises. Depression and back pain are like partners. Mental health affects our body in many different ways, back pain is one of them. Research shows that depressed people are more likely to have pain in their back. So in this case anti-depressants may help to reduce painful conditions as well as coping with stress.

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3-Technology Mess:

While talking about health problems in 21st century, we cannot neglect technology mess. Technology mess is actually defining the vast variety of technologies that are keeping us busy even when we don’t have to be. Computers, mobiles and other smart phone devices are one of the products that are playing its important role in creating back pain problems in men as well as in women. Working 9 hours continuously in office environment can also cause back problems.

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4-Less activeness:

Less activeness or more laziness also leads to back problems. When you lie down for whole day or more, you are putting yourself on a risk of getting back pain. So try to be active even when you feel little or sudden middle back pain or pain in your neck, shoulder or back rather than to lie down for a day. This will help you to recover more rapidly.

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Beside these causes and issues, back pain and its problems are carrying more than countable reasons. So don’t only stick to above causes, go for a nice checkup to your doctor or find out the appropriate treatments by searching “how to treat back pain naturally” whenever you feel irritation associated with your back.


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