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When you wake up and feels like you are having a greasy layer on your face which automatically ruining your pillow case as well. Then this is none other than an oily skin feature of your body. This is something a very effective feature but on the same time it is a very irritating factor of your skin that can make you feel down especially in parties or in public. Reason for counting it as effective feature is that, oily skin helps your facial tissues to be moist and not letting them dry or crackled. It also helps your skin to age more slowly. However, irritating factor causes acne or pimples to grow very easily. Moreover, I case of ladies, makeup becomes much difficult to hold on in its place after several hours. In summer season, oily secretions starts their out flow even more.
So we can say that ratio between merits and de-merits is 1:2. Thus we need to control this feature of our skin to prevent our self from facing its disadvantages.

What causes Oily skin?

Our facial as well as scalp skin has several glands that are responsible for liberating oily secretions from the. These oily secretions are termed as Sebum. Excess secretion of sebum is the main cause of oily skin or seborrhea. It can cause oily skin not only in women but in men as well. So here are some main factors that triggers excess liberation of sebum from oily glands:

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  • Puberty, stress and diet
  • Onset of menstruation
  • Increased androgen levels.
  • DHT (dihydrotestosterone present in one’s genetic makeup)

Above of these four factors are involved in adult homeostasis. This is why oily skin can be experienced by both males and females in their adult ages.

Permanent Treatment of oily skin by home remedies:

Although we cannot stop oily secretions by our own but we can help our sebaceous glands to secrete only the required amount of oil that is essential for skin to function properly. Home remedies for treating oily skin are much better than applying processed skincare creams, lotions or oily skin face washes. They also work fair in fighting against oily skin but shows less effectiveness as compared to home remedies.
Today I am going to share various productive ideas regarding with home remedies for the permanent treatment of oily skin.

1-Corn Starch:

Corn starch is known for absorbing excess sebum or oil from fatty skin tissues. It also tackles acne and pimple appearance on your skin that were causing because of oily skin.

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How to use:

  • Clean your face with toner or skincare cleanser to remove any of the makeup product from your skin.
  • Make a thick paste of corn starch + warm water. You can add 2 tbsps. of water to 2-3 tablespoon.
  • Now after letting dry your washed face, apply this natural face mask on your skin.
  • After 10-15 minutes of application, it will become hard exfoliating mask.
  • When it became completely dry, rinse it off with lukewarm water.
  • Repeat this procedure for 2-3 days regular.

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2- Salt:

As salt is one of a granular natural item, so it also has a good scrub properties. Salt helps to disconnects dead skin tissues and pollutants from skin.

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How to use:

  • Take lemon juice 1 tbsps., lavender oil few drops and salt 1 tbsps. (Sea salt, Epsom salt, kosher salt).
  • Mix all ingredients well and then gently rub this mixture on your face.
  • Give a nice massage to your skin, leave it to dry for 5 minutes.
  • Rinse it properly with tap water.
  • Repeat the method for better ranking.

3- Honey and sugar scrub:

Honey and sugar scrub along with lemon juice makes a perfect combination for treating acne as well as oily skin. Honey provides moisture, sugar works as scrubby face mask to clear dead skin whereas lemon absorbs excess of oil from skin tissues.

Honey freehealthpoints.com

How to use:

  • Take 1tbsps. Of each ingredient i.e. sugar, lemon, honey.
  • Give it a nice mix and apply it on your face.
  • Gently massage your facial skin for 5-6 minutes.
  • Let it dry for 2-3 minutes and then wash it with tap water.

4- Apple:

There are two ways for the application of apple on skin for treating very oily face.

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How to use:

Make a paste of sliced apple (half) by crushing blending it.
Add 2 tbsps. Of honey in blended apple paste.
Use this mixture as face scrub and let it dry for 15 minutes.
After 15 minutes of application, wash your face properly with warm water.

How to use:

  • Make a granulated paste of 1 fresh apple.
  • Now add 1 tbsps. Of lemon juice, half a cup of cooked oatmeal and 1 roughly beaten egg white in granulated apple paste.
  • Mix well and then put it on your face.
  • You can massage your face with this mixture for 2-3 minutes, else you can leave it for 10-15 minutes for drying process.
  • Slightly Cold water will be best for washing your face with.
  • Repeat the step regularly, at least for a week.
  • Malic acid in apple contains several useful properties such as antiseptic and astringent properties, exfoliation of dead skin cells and absorption of excess oily secretions. If apple is not available, you can also use orange, mango, strawberry or papaya pulp.

5- Aloe Vera:

Anti-microbial agent, aloe Vera is highly effective in treating acne. While treating acne, it ultimately works against excess oily secretions from facial glands.

Aloe-Vera-leaves freehealthpoints.com

How to use:

  • Cut an Aloe Vera leaf from its plant and then boil it with little water.
  • Let it cool and extract the gel from boiled Aloe Vera leaf.
  • Mix 1-2 tbsps. Of honey in this gel and then apply it on your face.
  • Let the application dry. (approx. for 15 minutes)
  • Clean your face with cold water to avoid any reddishness.
  • Repeat this procedure once in a week.
  • Note: you can also blend the whole boiled Aloe Vera leaf along with honey. This will give it a nice granulated touch for making it a best face scrub for oily face treatment.

After using any of the procedure, rather than using oily face products, use a hydrated face cream for soothing effect. You can also use best skin care regimen for oily skin after these applications. Try these ways for even a month for getting good endings and oil free skin by natural home remedies.

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