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Night terror or sleep terror is a condition in which an adult or a child have a disrupted slumber, this is similar to nightmare but with dramatic presentation. The subject might reacts to any terror or fear by loud crying and screaming. Although night terrors are concerning but they are not quite linked to any medical condition. Mostly people think that sleep terrors are only linked to kids but in reality adults are also vulnerable to night terror. Though most of the time night terror sufferers are kids (only2% adults are at risk of sleep terror). Adults are at high risk of performing some violent act during sleep amnesia attack. Usually at sleep terror people are fast asleep and can be woken up with extreme difficulty. This episode last for 20 minutes and afterwards either the subject go back to sleep or wake up in extreme confusion. In severe cases people gets into a state of amnesia right after waking from sleep terror. Here in this article I have addressed everything what you have to know about night terrors and its cure naturally at home.

Table of contents:

  1. How to stop nightmares?
  2. Night terror treatment:
  3. Natural remedies for night terrors in adults:
  4. Essential oil treatment:
  5. Dream catcher essential oil:
  6. Underlying cause in adults
  7. Conclusion


How to stop nightmares?

“Nightmares” have a very considering impact on night terror.  Nightmares are the type of dream with very disturbing context. Night mares and sleep terror are two different things though. Night mares occur in the early stages of sleep while sleep terror occur in deeper stage of sleep. Here is how you can stop night mares anyway:

  • Do not eat anything right before nap time
  • De-stress yourself
  • Let your doctor know about your medications as they can also trigger this phenomenon.
  • Optimism
  • Do not anything sweet right before sleep time

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Night terror treatment:

How to cure night terror in toddlers and adults? Night terror can be potentially dangerous not only for kids but for adults as well here is how you can cure it.

  • Treat the underlying source of sleep terror: sometimes any other sleep disorder causes sleep terror. So try resolving that health issue first.
  • Try having an adequate amount of sleep in order to cure this disease. Too little sleep can stimulate this disease big time.

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  • Sometimes anxiety and depression is a root cause of night terror. You should visit a therapist or consultant for this. There are many therapies like hypnosis, relaxation therapy and biofeedback available to address anxiety and depression in patients.
  • Medication is rarely used for treating sleep terror in patients especially children. In extreme cases doctors suggest Benzodiazepines.

Natural remedies for night terrors in adults:

There are many natural and herbal remedies for night terrors in adults.

  • Believe it or not but hanging a dream catcher right beside your bad can help you a bit in coping up with night terror.
  • Eat a protein snack 1 hour before the nap time. It will reduce the chances of sleep terror.
  • Try turning the fan on before you go to sleep or play and soft music. This white noise will reduce the chances of the disease.
  • Use heavy blankets to cover yourself during sleep.
  • Meditate

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Essential oil treatment:

“Toddlers” suffer from night terror episode just like us. Here are some  essential oils to treat night terrors in toddlers:

  • Roman Chamomile oil
  • Lavender
  • Mandarin oil
  • Rose oil
  • Sandal wood oil
  • Bergamot oil
  • Vetiver oil

Spray any of the above mentioned oil in the bedroom of your toddler and you will see rapid cure form sleep terror.

Chamomile freehealthpoints.com

Dream catcher essential oil:

Have you ever wondered what is in dream catcher essential oil? It is a perfect blend of essential oil that prevents the occurrence of bad dreams. Eight essential oils are used to make it:

  1. Bergamot essential oil
  2. Ylang Ylang oil
  3. Tangerine oil
  4. Juniper oil
  5. Black pepper oil
  6. Sandalwood oil
  7. Bergamot oil
  8. Blue Tansy oil

This perfect blend of oil is available in market and it is known to relax and calm the sufferer of night terror. It will also reduce the chance of occurrence of sleep terror episodes.

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Underlying cause in adults:

Night terrors adults’ depression is one of the most probable underlying causes of sleep terror.  According to a study, patient suffering from severe depression develops night terror more than people who do not. Other than depression, mental diseases like bipolar disease and anxiety can also bring up night terror in adults. Some doctors have also called it night terror adults hallucination. So, basically as a subject suffer from sleep hallucination, they start showing the vivid signs of night terror. Some spiritualists have linked sleep terror with demonic attack. They called Night terrors demonic attack as spiritual bullies. The demons try to gain access to your soul thus bully you in the form of this sleeping disorder.  At night demons are set free to chase their victims and many spiritualists believe that people who are subjected to night terror are under control by demons or Satan.

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Night terror is a serious health condition which needs to be addressed immediately. This disease mostly affects children than adults. In this disease a subject have disrupted slumber, and is under an influence of any disturbing dream the person suffering from night terror scream and cry loudly. Adults in night terrors get worse as they start performing violent acts. In this article I have mention night terrors and its cure naturally at home. There are many home remedies and essential oil that helps the sufferer in curing this disease at home. In severe cases doctors recommend use of drug for addressing the issue.

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