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Before going towards the remedies for pimples and acne, we must know about what pimples actually are? and what are the basic causes of pimple?

So here is the definition:

Pimples are inflammatory swellings on the skin, mainly on the facial skin. They can bring up lesions that can be itchy or appears reddish in color. They also comes with contamination of microbes that can cause pus formation in those pop ups. Sometimes painful lesions with pus formation occurs. They all combinely termed as acne or pimples. Other term includes zits!

Now read its reasons:

Pimples comes usually more on oily skin. It cooperates with sebaceous glands of your skin and with the help of microbes, they grow outside the skin cells. Another important reason for pimples is allergy as allergic reactions may also interfere with skin cells and forms itchy papules. But main type of acne is always the first one i.e. cooperative with sebaceous glands in the presence of microbes.

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I hope now you are familiar to the term pimples and acne as well as their reasons! So let’s find out the ways that can treat those little pop ups that let you feel uncomfortable in your public appearance.

How to get rid of pimples?

Wohoa! Wait a sec! Is this something I used to ask myself a hundred times in a day when I actually get a tiny little blushing zit?
I guess yes! How to get rid of pimples is a common most question that not only me, but every person which is familiar with acne problems, ask to themselves a hundred times in a day.

In this 21st century when everything is available on a single touch, we always search for fastest routes in order to achieve our desires. So we mostly ask this question to others including google with this modification “how to get rid of pimples overnight?” (As we can’t bear those reddish pop ups anymore)

So here are your answers according to 21st century’s fastest findings!

1- A toothpaste therapy:

Toothpaste is now becoming a well known technique to treat pimples overnight. As it contains salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, these two chemicals are anti-inflammatory and can surely help you in reducing the itchy feeling. Further it speed up the process of healing and gives you results overnight.

A toothbrush with toothpaste freehealthpoints.com


Apply little amount of white toothpaste on your injuries or pimples. Let it dry and sleep well. Overnight therapy is best for fighting with inflammatory microbes very well.
Rinse it off with cold water in the morning.
You can also apply it on day time, there are no hard and fast rules for using it overnight only.
More than 30-35 minutes is the minimum time period for leaving it behind before the cold wash.

2- An Ice cold way:

Similar to toothpaste therapy, here is an ice cold way to treat pimples faster. The purpose of using toothpaste is same as the purpose of using ice. They both gives a cooling effect and reduce the inflammation as quickly as possible. So if you are not okay with applying toothpaste, rub an ice cube over your pimples. It will give your skin a lighter feel and acne will go upon healing processes.

ice freehealthpoints.com


You can’t just directly rub the ice cubes on your skin, you will have to cover an ice cube in a towel of soft fabric, so that the cooling effect still come from it.
Rub it gently, don’t rush otherwise you would increase your redness or rash.
Repeat this treatment as much as you can. Not overnight but in a day or two, you will be free from acne.

3- Juicy Garlic cloves:

Yes! Many different food items can be helpful in treating acne without consuming them. Garlic cloves is one of them. It comes with anti-bacterial as well as anti-viral properties. Sulfur present in garlic finely treats the tiny red creatures on your face, scars after pimple popping and reduce the risk of getting pimples again.

garlic freehealthpoints.com


Cut off a garlic clove and rub the inner side of it in your acne containing regions. Juicy Garlic treatment will need 4-5 minutes of application.
Wash it off with cold water or leave it overnight.
Results will be trustworthy.

4- Papaya Overnight:

I can understand about the midnight cravings, but control your cravings for the sake of clear, pimple free skin. Instead of making a delicious dish from papaya, apply it on your pop ups to kill them overnight!
It contains a protein called papain which is good for skin and hair treatments. Application of papaya will soothe your skin and make it more glowing. Ultimately push down the pop ups with the removal of pimple marks.

papaya freehealthpoints.com


Make a thick paste of orange papaya. Apply it on your whole face and sleep.
This natural payapa mask will definitely give positive results after using it two or more overnights. Whole face application will also interfere with forehead acne.
Rinse it off in the next morning.

5- Aspirin application:

Other than treating headaches, aspirin perfectly works on the treatment of acne as well. It is more than common pain killer, mostly available to everyone. This will be another satisfying home remedy against the painful pimples.

Aspirin freehealthpoints.com


It works as exfoliate, so make a thick glue like paste of it. Mix 3 small portions of water with 1 tablet of aspirin. As soon the mixture comes to a thick consistency, apply it on your desired areas (usually on pimples).
Use a cotton swab or cotton bud to apply the mixture over pimples.
Leave overnight and wash your face next morning with cold water. Repeat the step up to 3 days.

These five most common house hold ingredients are effectively helpful in treating acne and pimples overnight. Rude and arrogant pimples may take 2 or more days but decent one by nature will shed of quickly.
So why need to go for expensive skin care products or pimple treatment creams when there are above mentioned free of cost therapies are present?
Hope now you’ll get rid of pimples permanently by using home remedies!

Goodluck! 🙂

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