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Are you suffering from drowsiness and sleepiness and yet feels tired? Do you often experience sleepiness during your college important lectures? Does your boss libel you for coming late to your work? Do you really want to overcome these silly habits to prevent yourself from more shame? If so, here are the reasons and their solutions. Get rid of tiredness and sleepiness to achieve better positions in your life.

Those above asked questions are so usual that more than half of our population is experiencing them right now.

Sleep is a healthy thing, but over sleep along with tiredness is definitely a bad and unhealthy thing. If you are familiar with this kind of condition, this article is assuredly for you.

Why is it bad to sleep too much?

Other than the casual sleep that you take for fighting with your tiredness and fatigue or which you take after spending a whole exhausted day (12-14 hours), here is another stuff called as oversleeping disorder. This oversleeping disorder causes many abnormalities in our human body system. On the other hand, after over sleeping, a person still feels tired is also a main factor of this disorder.

Diabetes, body weakness symptoms, heart diseases and strokes are common side effects of hypersonic, which ultimately invites death to you.

How can you control sleepiness?

For getting rid of sleepiness or oversleeping habit, there are thousands of natural ways to implement on. But what actually works is your healthy diet and healthy routine. You mind needs not only healthy nutrients to work properly but it needs healthy thoughts as well. Negativity and insecurities may lead you to sleeping disorder. So when you start looking for its solution, count on your thought quality first.

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Sufficient oxygen supply to brain and its tissues is another important factor.

Other than those factors, here we are describing some effective ways to stop feeling sleepy while studying or working.

Execute these below given rules to get rid of sleepiness in class, office or home.

How to reduce sleepiness instantly?

So, here is a ‘how to’ for reducing sleepiness instantly. For answering this how to reduce sleepiness instantly, several ways are listed below. But before reading those ways, here are three major points which will help you to find solutions for your oversleeping.

  1. You need to notice the fact that how much you’re wasting your time in oversleeping.
  2. You need to know that there are more important works that you can do in time which you’re actually wasting.
  3. Try to realize that sleep is just for getting more energy but not for getting more shutdowns!
  4. And last but not the least, Sufficient Water intake.

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Now have a look on our best 6 ways to reduce sleepiness instantly:

1- Daylight is always a good escape:

Daylight or sunlight is a brighter way to make changes with your sleep disorders. Avoid sunglasses, car window shades and black curtains. Make a direct contact of your eyes to daylight for reducing oversleeping disorder. If you are not so friendly with social environment, you can also make a visit to your own roof top or your terrace. Even if you are having another disorder termed as SAD (seasonal affective disorder) you can buy a daylight lamp to complete your needs.

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2- A Seven days schedule for sleep:

7 days schedule for sleep is actually defining the importance of sleep pattern. Our brain reacts to a particular pattern of our sleep. If we keep changing our sleep routines, we wouldn’t achieve a good sleep period. As we think about weekend plans, we commonly used to think that weekends are for oversleeping. This is exactly the worse thing we can think. So try to be punctual and serious at your sleep routines, 7 days a week.

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3- Strict Water supply to your system:

Strict Water supply to your system is necessary in case of reducing sleepiness. Our body’s 90% functions are involved with water. When there will be insufficient water supply to any of the body system, it will directly leads you in a decline phase. Sleepiness is also a decline phase of your system. So when you are searching for a healthy sleep rather than to get tired oversleep period, keep your water intake in a strict manner. 8 glasses water a day is enough to let your body work during your sleep time.

Note: stop drinking water or eating food 2 hours before going to bed to avoid night time digestions.

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4- Shake your hands with physical activities:

Make a friendly nature with physical activities. Your sleep cycle depends on how much you’re taking physical stress. Don’t work harder or don’t Battle with your life for the sake of getting healthy sleep, as this will only ruin your sleep more. Your minimum 30-35 minute of jogging a day will help you attaining your results against sleepiness. Moreover, exercise is also a fatigue natural treatment.

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5- Fifteen minutes nap is a healthy idea:

Rather than avoiding and denying your sleep, try to get a short nap of maximum 15-20 minutes. This will surely help you to get rid of extra sleep at night as well as save your 2 hours to be wasted. So while finding answers for how to avoid sleep at work, this therapy will no-doubt works best.

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6- Your wake up plans:

While asking questions like how to avoid sleeping too much and yet to feel fresh, don’t ignore this last tip. Your wake up routine is a most important reason for your tiredness and drowsiness even after sleeping more than usual. As I mentioned earlier about the sleep cycle, it must be noticed for a healthy sleep. Try to wake up earlier i.e. if you wake at 6:30 and still feel drowsiness. Then it’s time to change your wake up time from 6:30 to 5:30. This one hour difference will make a better difference in your tired life. If it won’t work, increase this time difference for good results.

Good luck! 🙂

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