How to get clear skin naturally by using home remedies

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Fair, dark or bright, no matter what is the complexion of your skin. What actually matters is that skin is your major body part which needs extra attention and care. When you start neglecting your skin necessaries, it will start compromising with your personality. So don’t let your skin play with your personality.

There are hundreds of artificial cosmetic brands and products available in markets that are labeled as skin care product, skin toner, acne free gel and etc. they somehow works, but after all they are artificials and may cause side effects to your skin. Sometimes they don’t even cause a positive effect neither a negative one. So in this way, they are somewhat fake accessories that could be a waste of time as well as your money ?.

Rather than focusing on those artificial packages, have a keen look on your natural home remedies that can surely help you in achieving a flawless, clean and clear skin tone.

10 natural home remedies to get clear skin:
Here are some of the easiest and cheapest ways to attain your aims!


10. 1-Mint:

Mint incorporates menthol that gives a cooling effect to your skin and body cells. So it is a good stuff to add it on your skin. For treating acne mint is the best therapy to use. Mint juice can be applied overnight on your facial skin to reduce acne. Mint juice provides your skin a glowing effect. By consuming mint water will also keep you’re away from constipation, which will ultimately help to clear to skin cells. You can apply it on your whole body for refreshing and soothing skin.

Make a paste of mint and add lemon juice. Add drops of warm water and apply it on your whole body for good body care purposes. or on your desired areas for about 10 mint and then rinse it with Lukewarm water.



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