Top 10 Black hair growth vitamins for men and women

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Calling them affairs is actually defining its worth. Hair growth is definitely a massive affair for each and every woman of almost every age. We can neglect this issue in the case of men but nowadays it is becoming more common in men as well. Having a clean and clear scalp (is not desired by anyone. When it comes to baldness or insufficient hair growth on head region, we experience panic attacks.

Alright, it’s obvious! But rather than panicking, we can find solutions too. Most of us visit hair restoration centers, some change their diet plans, some of us consult dermatologists for useless medications and others prefer to go bald some with or some even without a cap. But these are not perfect options to choose. Well, you don’t need to be worried more about this. Just read ahead and find your ways for resolving your hair growth affairs.

Hair growth vitamins

Yes! Hair growth vitamins are the perfect solutions for your insufficient or poor health hair progress. For gaining ideal black hairs, black hair growth vitamins for men and women are available.

Let’s find out some more elaborations:

1Amino acids

Essential markers of the human body are amino acids. There are four different amino acids available in the market for the purpose of gaining quality hair growth. These hair growth vitamins are Arginine, methionine, lysine and cysteine. Overall we can conclude that for quality hair growth keratin plays a key role. These four amino acids are known to produce keratin for hair growth. L-Arginine is a type of amino acid that is potential enough to make keratin for good hair progress. You may also take supplements or diets having Arginine such as meat, dry nuts, and other dietary products.


Well-known supplements or hair growth vitamin among all others is biotin.  Rapid, healthy and natural hair growth comes with surety with biotin. So don’t ever neglect this product while treating baldness. The mechanism biotin plays is that it produces glucose and crack up proteins into amino acids which make your hairs keep growing with its best. It is a water soluble vitamin so don’t be worry about its excess use, your body will discard the biotin what it does not use. Biotin works its finery when you take it with a combination of external and internal supply. Don’t ignore your external uptakes, Even if many hair products are topped with biotin vitamin.


Not only for hair fall treatment, zinc also works fine in making good collaboration with the betterment of nails and skin. Zinc takes part in RNA and DNA synthesis which ultimately helps in the production of new hair follicles. This will also lead to a cure for baldness and natural hair growth. Another main effect of zinc is that it maintains hormonal secretions, this hormonal balance prevents your scalp from losing hair.


It is not a well-known hair growth vitamin but yet plays an effective role in treating hair growth affairs. The main function of niacin in the field of hair growth is that it maintains blood circulation, oxygen consumption and helps to synthesize new hair follicles in the scalp. A good blood circulation will for surely provide you a better, natural and black hair growth for making perfect black hairstyles. Its deficiency can cause brittle hair strands and hair loss, so make sure your body has enough amount of niacin supply.

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5Vitamin E

An anti-oxidant vitamin E helps to protect your hair damage that actually occurs due to free radicals present in our body. The major role that vitamin E plays is the repairing and resemblance of damaged tissues which may interfere with the synthesis of new hair follicles. Rather than taking vitamin E capsules, try some green leafy vegetables, dry fruits and especially tuna fish consumption.

6Vitamin C

There are very fewer regions in our whole body that do not need vitamin C consumption. From one strand of your hair to the whole skin of your body is in need of vitamin C for potent functioning. In the case of hair growth treatments, this vitamin helps to produce collagen protein that is essential for strengthen hair growth. As like vitamin E, this vitamin category is also an antioxidant thus containing all other properties similar to vitamin E. Free radicals may make your hairs brittle and weak, for this prevention vitamin C works very well.


Hair follicles required magnesium support for becoming strong enough to make new healthy strands. When our body lacks this important hair growth vitamin, be ready for abnormal hair fall which may even lead to baldness afterward. The best source of magnesium is pumpkin seeds that provide a huge amount of magnesium even when consuming in small quantity.

8Vitamin B complex

Among the list of above-mentioned vitamins and nutrients that are essential for hair growth, vitamin B complex which is basically a combination of eight vital vitamins required by our body for fundamental purposes is more preferable. This category helps in the metabolism of a different cellular mechanism by which hair follicle growth becomes more potent. Moreover, an adequate amount of vitamin B uptake can make your hair more fluffy and shiny along with strong strengthen hair strands. It give natural black color to your hairs and you can make plenty of black hairstyles.


Wondering why copper is on this list? Well, let us tell you that when you start losing your shiny black, brown, blonde or red appearance of your hairs, this is because of the deficiency of copper in your body. Yes! Deficiency of copper gives you a gray of whitish look to your hair progressions. So when you feel like your hair color is changing to the lighter shade, start consuming copper in your diet. Furthermore, copper will also let your hair grow better than before.


Here is another hair growth vitamin that is eminently worthwhile in treating hair affairs and in gaining perfect black haircuts without hair fall. Inositol produces glucose for completing many vital processes of our body including the production of hair cells. Production of healthy hair cells ultimately helps you in getting voluminous, shiny hairs. Not only hair growth is progressed by inositol. It also stops abnormal hair fall as well. Source of inositol are beans and brains, where it is stored in the form of phytate.

Want anything else? I guess these 10 vitamins are more than acceptable for hair growth affairs and their solutions. So what you are waiting for? Go and get your natural hairs and play with them by making natural hairstyles to attract everyone around you.

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