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Do you want to prevent your hands from getting ripped? When it the time of pull ups arrive, you need to find the best pull up hand protection to protect your hands. These hand protections could be anything like that of gloves or grips. Being a body builder, you definitely need to try out a variety of pull-up grips and gloves. By doing this, you can get to know which one is the best for your use.

Here is the list of best hand protection grips and gloves that are currently available on the market.

  1. Rogue V2 Gymnastic Grips provide textured American leather on both sides. This can secure your hold and prevent it from slipping. These hand grips are 2.5 inches wide and come in attractive gray color.
    Rogue V2 Gymnastic Grips
  2. WODies 2 in 1 gives you a traditional gymnastic grip. It also provides you with the support of wrist wrap.
    WODies 2 in 1
  3. Emerge Hand Grips/ Pull-up grips provide you with a comfortable black callus guard workout protector. It is made from durable textured leather. They feature four finger holes for comfort and full callus protection.
    Emerge Hand Grips and Pull-up grips
  4. WOD Hand Grips are the basic hand grips when it comes to cross-fit grips. These were the first grips available in the market when there were none others. They are easily available in any brand.
    WOD Hand Grips
  5. JAW Pull-up Grips are a great solution to the problem of high ripping grip intensive movements. These grips offer you protection when doing pull ups, toes to bars, and other grip intense movements. They also help with an easy transition to other movements as well. These are the fabric grips that are unlike anything else out there. JAW Pull-up Hand Grips come on top when it comes to hand protection. It is designed to move with the reflexes of the wrist. These grips allow you to pump out numerous reps on a rig or a bar.
    JAW Pull-up Grips

Pull-up Hand Positions

Pull-up Hand Positions

Pull-ups are considered to be one of the best exercises. This exercise challenges the lats, biceps, pecs and middle back. It’s a great exercise for building mass and increasing upper-body strength. Pull-ups can be done anywhere but the most important thing that you need to consider is that of your hand position while doing pull-ups. Hand positioning for pull-ups is specifically related to your body type and depends to a great extent on the width of your shoulders.

According to Weller,

 “A good Pull-Up is done with the hands just outside of shoulder-width.”

Pull-up is a safe exercise if it is done correctly but swinging can increase the risk of shoulder injuries

Pull-up Thumb Position:

Pull-up Thumb Position

While doing pull-ups, your thumbs should not be wrapped around the bar but you should grip it on the same side as the rest of your fingers.

Pull-up Wrists and Forearms Position:

Pull-up Wrists and Forearms Position

Your wrists must remain neutral that means not flexed and forearms must be hanging straight down from the bar.

  • In the pull-up exercise, your palms must be facing away from our grip should be slightly outside of shoulder-width apart.
  • You can figure out your optimal hand placement by raising both arms overhead and locking out your elbows.
  • Then pull your shoulders downward and pack them on your rib-cage and away from your ears.
  • The most vertical position that you can get your arms and maintain both elbow lock and shoulder pack depends is where your hands should be placed.
  • Remember that you should be hanging as straight down from the bar as you can.

Pull-up Neutral Grip

Pull-up Neutral Grip

The Neutral-Grip Pull-Up is another great variation but it does require a set of parallel handles. These handles may not be attached to the Pull-Up bar at some commercial gyms. If your gym has the right equipment, you’re in luck. Many people find that the neutral grip puts the least amount of stress on the shoulders. This attribute makes it a good choice if you’ve had shoulder issues in the past.

According to Weller,

“The neutral grip allows for more natural rotational motion at the wrists and shoulders.”

During Pull-up, Neutral Grip Position should be in such a way that the palms must be facing each other and the hands should be about shoulder-width apart. The neutral grip also heavily works your brachialis. The brachialis is a muscle in the biceps that pushes up the biceps brachii and makes your arms look bigger. It’s the muscle that can turn your pea-shooters into bonafide guns. Neutral Grip Pull-Ups are usually found in the middle ground between the more challenging Pull-Up and the less difficult Chin-Up.

Mixed Grip Pull-up

In Mixed Grip Pull-up, one of your hands is supinated i.e. it is turned or held in such a way that the palm or sole is facing upwards or outwards. Whereas the other hand is pronated i.e. it is turned or held in such a way that its palms or sole is facing downwards or inwards.  This position allows for improved grip strength over other variations. In such a way, makes it a solid option for heavily weighted repetitions. Other than that, it works the same muscles as the standard Pull-Up and Chin-Up.

According to Weller,

“The muscular involvement in Mixed Grip Pull-up is similar to the basic ways of doing it.”

You can try the mixed grip pull-up if your grip strength is preventing you from throwing on a heavy chain or weighted vest and knocking out Pull-Ups. Just be sure to switch things up so you perform the same number of overhand and underhand reps for both hands. This will help you avoid muscle imbalances.

Mixed Grip Pull-up Benefits

The benefit of trying Mixed Grip Pull-up is that it provides an added challenge to the exercise. You can grab the pull-up bar with one palm facing away from you and the other palm facing towards you. First, there comes a point where our grip cannot support the weight on the bar. Utilizing this grip style will ensure that you can keep moving the bar with less fatigue on the forearms, resulting in more reps and/or heavier weight on the bar. Second, this grip is beneficial during most Cross-Fit workouts where high reps and fatigue are common. Less attention can be focused on the grip and more thought can be put into the technique of the exercise.

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